BLACKFIVE – A Hero’s Words to an Iraqi Hero


America is caught up in a debate of whether we should bring our troops home or if we should make one last attempt to bring peace and stability to Iraq. Yet, we don’t pay attention to the details of the war. Last weekend, an American hero received one of the Army’s highest honors – a Silver Star. His award was largely unnoticed, overshadowed by Paris Hilton’s incarceration.

Click on the link to read the rest of the story, including the speech made by Major James Gant. If the television networks and newspapers will not tell the stories of what is happening in Iraq, how can anyway make a decision as to whether we should stay or go? I believe we can win this war. I believe in the Iraqi people who want freedom and democracy. How can we not stand beside these people and fight with them when others have done the same for us? Let us not forget that America had allies in the Revolutionary War. Without them, who knows what might have happened. Is it so wrong for us to stay and be a true ally to the Iraqi people?

I am ashamed of the voices in this country calling for our withdrawal. I am embarrassed that those voices might actually cause us to turn our backs on the Iraqi people. I am afraid that these voices seek only to destroy our nation and any other that would stand with us, while President Bush runs things. That anyone would do the damage that is being done to the U.S. and to Iraq, purely for political reasons, is unacceptable and repulsive.

Please wake up, America.


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