Fight for Jericho

As many of you have probably heard by now, CBS has cancelled the phenomenal show, “Jericho”. After watching the season finale last week, I’m sure many of us were trying to figure out how we would survive the summer without “Jericho” and without knowing what was going to happen next to the people of Jericho. Well, sadly, the suits at CBS decided to pull the plug. According to the official message boards,


Dear Jericho Fans

We here at CBS have listened to your complaints in relation to the cancelation of the television Show Jericho.

At CBS we never cancel a show without a great deal of communication between our public groups and you the fans.

It was believed that Jericho had lost a significant amount of fans since the original pilot of the show.

We always feel that a show must carry its audience regardless of breaks or temporary periods within the transmission season.

With this in mind it was decided to cancel the show JERICHO.

We understand that many of you are upset with our decision to cancel the Show JERICHO.

CBS retain the full viewing rights to Jericho, and it is possible that a a finale episode could be put into planning for the 2009/2010 season.

A future decision will be made on this in the fall of 2008.

Despite this cancelation we would like to advise you the viewer that CBS offers many great Shows such as CSI-Miami as well as others.

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact my office where we can provide you with more details.

A future press release in relation to this decision will be announced tomorrow to All press outlets.

It is still possible to view all episodes of Jericho on the the innertube

Kelly Kahl

Senior Executive Vice President of Programming Operations

Check out what fans are saying at the Official Jericho Message Boards.

Join the fight for Jericho:

Sign the Petition

Contact CBS

Mr. Kelly Kahl, Exec VP CBS Programming
51 West 52nd Street
NY, NY 10019

Other CBS Phone Numbers:

212-975-3247 / 212-975-4321
212-975-3241 / 212-975-3245

Send *Nuts* of any kind to:

CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
ATTN: Kelly Kahl

Contact CBS Affiliates

Contact and/or Boycott CBS Advertisers/Sponsors – List from the Jericho Lives! website

In fact, just go to the Jericho Lives! website to see what else you can do. Jericho fans are pissed and very creative. We just may win this!

Long live Jericho!


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