Just Say No to Immigration Deal

I am astounded by the shortsightedness and stupidity of the people involved in this deal. When did the President and Congress stop looking out for the American people? When did foreigners and illegal immigrants become more important than Americans? If this Immigration Reform passes, it will completely change the face of the United States and destroy our country. It may even begin another Civil War. But hey, who cares as long as criminals get their way… I’m completely disgusted with everyone involved in this deal.

According to some sources, if this amnesty is granted, there could be an increase of 20 to 30 million immigrants in the next ten years. Most of these immigrants would be Democrats… this would effectively destroy the Republican Party and could possibly create a one party system country. I know there are some Americans who will not stand by and let that happen and the blood that might flow would drown this country. I will admit to being terrified of what might happen if this deal is approved and implemented. This country is already divided and the animosity and tension between sides has risen to a crescendo… it would only take a spark to ignite a terrible fire that could destroy the entire nation.

I know many will say I am being overly dramatic, but I am cursed with being far-sighted. I don’t want to see this country go through another Civil War. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt. I don’t want to see Americans lose their country either. It’s scary. These idiots in Washington need to stop and really think about what they are doing. There are many consequences to their actions

Please contact your Senators and Representatives and demand that they stop this madness! Example letter:

Dear Sir/Madam.

I am writing to express my concern and outrage regarding the Immigration Bill before Congress. This bill will effectively destroy the United States of America. This bill will destroy the American way of life. This bill takes from the American people and gives to criminals who want nothing more than to take over America and make it their own. This land belongs to us, the People of the United States, not to the Congress. Congress has no right to give away our country! I do not, and will not ever, support the Immigration Bill that allows amnesty for criminals and that will ultimately change the face of my country. The astounding shortsightedness of the Congress to see what this bill will do to our country is criminal. I ask you to please vote against this Immigration bill. I ask you to demand that our borders be closed and sealed. I ask you to demand that our current laws be enforced and I ask that you never support a bill that would take the American People’s country away from them and give it to foreigners. 

Thank you for your time. I hope my voice will be heard,
A Disabled Veteran of the USMC

Sound off at Townhall.com 



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