Trent Lott Slams Talk Radio and Younger Republicans in Congress

Senate Leaders Agree to Revive Immigration Bill – New York Times

The Republican whip, Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”At some point, Mr. Lott said, Senate Republican leaders may try to rein in “younger guys who are huffing and puffing against the bill.”

With Republicans like Lott, who needs Democrats? This is utterly ridiculous. Adios, Mr. Lott!



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3 responses to “Trent Lott Slams Talk Radio and Younger Republicans in Congress

  1. Bill Jones

    Democrats are running America – and you, Mr. Lott. Thanks to liberals like you, the next election could likely have even more liberals in government – friends of yours, no doubt. You are the supporter of a new Civil War, and instead of uniting your party, you are a divider. Go back to Vicksburg and see what happens when a nation divides, you asshole. That is what you are doing, you moron.

  2. Bill Jones

    I was a little strong in the previous post. Sorry. Still, I am unchanged in my view. “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” So I stand by the First Amendment. The Senate is just a co-equal BRANCH of the Congress. It is covered by the First Amendment, ALONG WITH the House of Representatives. So, SENATORS shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or the press. It is that simple.

    As for illegal aliens…no country that wants to be strong, permanently divides in half. Yet, thats what some propose. Napoleon fought both the East and West, and was eaten alive by the Russian winter. Hitler divided his strong forces into two. He didn’t think they would stay divided, but they did – and he lost. What little force we have left in history, language, and culture – some would take away. Fine. It will never return, our nation will be weaker, just as ALL other countries become weaker in similar circumstances. An exception is the Swiss – but the Swiss are really a confederation – not too different from the old Confederate States of America. And every Swiss State and household is heavily armed, prepared for war. If Senator Lott really wants us to convert to a confederation, well, that’s different. We can have the Southwest Mexican States, from California to Texas. The Southeast Carribean States, from Florida to Mississippi. Etc. Yeah, that seems like a smart plan. Purposely try to copy the Swiss. Brilliant! Now we can EASILY take on the next world crisis with such a brilliantly reorganized political and military structure!

  3. It’s hard not to react strongly to things like this. I know I don’t seem to be able to do anything less. Mr. Lott and others like him are destroying America and I hate it. We the People have to do something to stop people like him and others who are supporting this Shamnesty Bill in Congress right now. They are divvying up America and parceling it out to illegal aliens while Americans are expected to just sit back and do nothing. Strange, I just watched a documentary on Neanderthal man and they said if he had just had a 2% increase in birth rate or a 2% decrease in death, he wouldn’t be extinct now. I couldn’t help but compare his situation to that of Americans. It really makes you think. With liberals and nuts giving away America and Americans having so many abortions, it won’t take long until … well… I think you get the picture. Thanks for commenting!

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