Raindrops Keep Falling – NRO Article by John Fonte

John Fonte on Immigration on National Review Online

Raindrops Keep Falling
The amnesty bill opens the door to WWII enemy-alien reparations.

By John Fonte

The Senate immigration bill could mean reparations for German Nazis. No, I’m not making this up. Look at Title IX, the “Study of War Time Treatment of Certain People,” also cited as the “Wartime Treatment Study Act,” Sections 901-916, pages 409-415 available through the Heritage Foundation.

I invite all of you to go to the link above to finish reading this article. I am completely outraged that anything like this could be secreted into the Shamnesty Bill. There is no doubt, whatsoever, that this Shamnesty Bill, in its entirety, must be defeated.

I am sick of America Haters trying to force their agendas down good Americans throats. I am sick of American Haters forcing our schools to teach things that cause shame, self-loathing and hatred of America. It’s absurd. What nation in its right mind would do such a thing? Is it any wonder we have a such a great divide in our country now?

The Lords of Chaos (Politicians) need to be stopped! I don’t want to live in a nation where we are taught to hate ourselves and are forced to punish ourselves for millions of imagined wrongs. It’s ridiculous! The American People MUST stand up and vote out ALL the idiots who are behind these types of Bills.


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