Ding Dong! The Bill is Dead! The Bill is Dead!

Michelle Malkin » Kill the Bill: Shamnesty showdown Update: Telephone system has shut down Update: Video of Kennedy’s “Gestapo” diatribe Update: Reid attacks talk radio Update: VICTORY Roll added

The bill is dead. The work of immigration enforcement and border security continues.

View the Victory Roll at Michelle Malkin‘s Blog.

A BIG THANKS to everyone who worked hard to get this bill killed. We did it! Thank the Lord! We have won a battle, but we have not won the war.Everyone needs to remain informed and involved in our government on all issues if we hope to win this country back for Americans.

The past years of lackadaisical behavior must CEASE. A Govt for the People, By the People… needs The People to be involved! So, please, my fellow Americans, don’t stop now. Let us continue to work together to support the laws we want and change the laws we don’t want. Let this never get to the point that this lousy Shamnesty Bill reached! We were very close to losing it all and if we are all honest with ourselves, it was because we stopped caring about our Govt and stopped participating. We cannot EVER let that happen again, my fellow Americans.

We must be responsible and motivated and involved in our government; throughout every step. We must change the way we vote to start voting for people we know and want to hold offices. We must choose the people, we must support the people, we must vote for the people. Then, when they are in that political office, they will know they work for Americans who care and are interested in their government. They will know that they are a representative for those people and not a dictator to those people. This is so very important, my fellow Americans.

As we all know, the Immigration Issue is not dead. We must force our government to do its job. Our government needs to secure the borders FIRST. Then, we need to deport all the illegal alien criminals. That would be a good starting point and one that must happen. We, the People, must organize and fight for this if we hope to have it become a reality. I hope I can count on all of you to stand beside me and others as we wade into the battle.

After we have secured the border and deported dangerous illegal aliens, then we can talk about what needs to be done next. Keep your eyes on the ball, my People. We CAN and WILL make this a better a country. We know our power now. We just need to use it responsibly.

For more details on the failed Shamnesty, please visit Michelle Malkin or Hot Air.



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