Michelle Malkin » Send a message to Sarah Palin

Michelle Malkin » Send a message to Sarah Palin
Tons of readers are asking me how to get a personal message to Sarah Palin and offer her support in the face of all the ugly, anonymous attacks from back-stabbing blabbermouths on the McCain campaign.

Please visit Michelle’s Blog for the link to the Petition.Thank you, Michelle, for taking the time to do this.

Governer Palin is a remarkable woman and deserves so much better than what she is getting right now. I hope everyone takes a moment to offer Sarah a positive, personal message through this petition created by MIchelle Malkin.



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13 responses to “Michelle Malkin » Send a message to Sarah Palin

  1. Brinda Gore

    Without you the GOP would have been down 30 points. McCain is a good man and I voted for him but without you, he had no chance. Get ready to come back in 2012. People will be sick of Barry Hussain Obama in a year or less. Try to lose your demon removal video, that was the only thing I had a hard time fighting over with friends. Religion should not mix with politics but look at Rev. Wright. College kids (expecting freebees),
    Blacks (voting for any black), the ignorant & poor, all looking for a hand out. Once everyone finds Obama can’t produce his promises the DNC will be out of favor with every American. You did a great job, keep it up

  2. Mike Rutherford

    Thank you Governor Palin for allowing me to feel inspired by someone who is not a part of the good old boy system and someone who is not too afraid to speak their mind as well as stump their toe occassionally. I have two daughters and I know that you inspired them as well. Forget the media and the doomsayers for they will always be there to put folks down and report the crap to those willing to listen and wallow in it. God Bless you and your beautiful family and enjoy your time as a mother and grandmother because it is truly one of precious moments that God has allowed us. Most of all thank you for being a little bit of a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.


    Sarah I voted McCain because you were on the ticket. I truly welcomed the values you brought forward to the Nation. God Bless

  4. polikin

    I hope Palin doesn’t come back. I mean really when are the convervatives going to side with reason and logic and choose smart, intelligent candidates. Newt is a smart one. Why don’t they ever pick him. All I hear from are morons like Guilianni and Romney

  5. Mary

    Sarah Palin is a smart, strong woman doing an outstanding job in Alaska. IF she had been anything, but also a traditional mom with five children, the liberals would have loved her. Liberals simply do not accept a woman with values, who is also successful and beautiful and they do not know how to handle this.

    Transparently, the liberals have obviously set about to destroy anyone who doesn’t side with them and fit in their very small picture of how America should look, yet they try to push a message of acceptance. What hipocrites!

    Sarah Palin served to electrify the conservative base and has awoken a strong movement, something the liberals fear…which is the real reason they want to silence her!

  6. Eugene

    Sara, you are an inspiration to those of us out there who live in the real world. You had very poor support from the McCain Campaign organization. With the right support and organization like Rove you could lead us into a better America. We admire your ability to raise a good family and balance a political career.
    Thank you for giving the Republican Party a new shot in the arm.
    A strong member of the Republican Party

  7. Melissa

    Sara thanks for trying to help America. It is not your fault that we lost, and don’t let them tellyou otherwise. You are the reason shamnesty bailout reach across the aisle McCain got as many votes as he did. We want a Ronald Reagan–a true Conservative.
    Stay strong and enjoy having some time outside with your family. Maybe go moose hunting or something. I just had some deer today; boy was it yummy!

  8. David M.

    Dearest Sarah Palin,
    Good for you being first a lady second a lady with strong conviction to fight for what you believe in.
    I used to think MCcain was a gentleman but after not defending you in the last two days of the insults and complaints from all the self centered politics and ignorant americans he (John) is nothing but the same.
    I truely thought with you as VP you could keep John in line and I could have finally gotten a good nights sleep.
    Your a true American Sarah with americans intrest in your heart please do this country a favor and Run to be comander and chief in 2012.
    God Bless you and your family Sarah you did a great job the republican party was the letdown.
    and by the way I wish the democrats would get it right we don’t have the first American black president we have the first interacial president

  9. Brad

    Hi Sarah;

    I was so pleased when McCain chose you on the ticket. You values reflect those of most Americans. The fact that Obama won has more to do with how much America detests Bush and unfortunately the Republican party right now. It’s easy to blame the president for all that is wrong with America and then tie that back to the party. The democrats exploited the public without ever citing the Community Reinvestment Act that encouraged banks to lend to unqualified applicants and penalized them if they denied said applicants. Clinton signed that bill into law and the dems all crawled into bed with the banks leaving us the mess we have today.

    The loss is not your fault Sarah. Republicans will welcome you to the 2012 convention and vote to have you represent the party in the next election.

  10. Sarah just keep the faith, we love you and we know where this mean spirit is coming from. You did not ask to serve, you were chosen… but it was not for nothing, we the country got to know and love you and as a women, I am proud of you and want to say “thank you”

  11. Governor Palin:

    You have been an inspiration to me and all my friends and family. You did not hesitate when you thought you could help your country.

    You are what the GOP needs right now. Please seriously consider running for the Republican seat that will undoubtedly be vacated in Alaska. You can then start to know the inner workings of the congress before 2010 & 2012 when the GOP will need to regrouped and ready to get the right message to the U.S. citizens. The GOP needs new charismatic leadership and you are the bright and rising star.

    In the meantime, there are many, many of us who will continue to support you. McCain introduced you to the world and now we won’t be happy until you are a leader in national politics.

    Thank you so much for what you have done in the 2008 presidential campaign. You worked tirelessly and your crowds loved you.

    God bless you.

  12. Kathleen Golden

    Dear Gov. Palin,
    Thank you so much for giving us hope! You are an inspiration and we know you will be instrumental in rebuilding this nation with conservative values and principles! I sure hope the malpractice of John McCain’s campaign strategists hasn’t turned you off entirely to national politics! Because God knows we are going to need you to clean up the mess once these Obama-maniacs realize he isn’t their savior! I fear for our country and my wallet under his leadership and his so called advisors! I think John McCain is a wonderful man but there were many times I threw things at the TV because of what he did or didn’t do! You were always on message and in my heart, I believe you and Joe the plumber were the reason John McCain got as many votes as he did! Finally, I wanted to tell you Sarah, that I am the same age as you and a lifelong democrat until September 11, 2001 happened! I didn’t know anyone personally that died that day, but I got on my knees and thanked God that George Bush was in office and accepted that it was the Republican party that was going to keep me and my children safe! Sarah, we need you! Take time to rest and enjoy your beautiful family and we look forward to seeing you and Todd again soon!!!
    God Bless You!
    The Goldens, Cleveland, Ohio

  13. Tiffany

    I think that we should all band together for Sarah. There is another website that could help us all keep up with Sarah’s interview videos; here is the address “http://www.sarah-palin.com/gov-palin-and-the-media/#comment-641” check it out! There is another site called “Team Sarah” that is great for chats and blogs. As well as, updated information about Sarah and other ways that we can support her. I believe that there is strength in numbers so coordinating our efforts is not a bad idea. If we could gather up all of the contact information from all of her supporters on the web, then we could present this list to Governor Palin for when she wants to run for Governor again or perhaps Senator in 2010. Either of which would continue to make her a viable 2012 Presidential candidate. She may need our individual support because some in the Republican party are already beginning to position themselves for 2012 and discounting her like; Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal and Charlie Crist. So my point is that the RNC may not support or back her in the media or financially for these races. We need to be prepared to do what Barack Obama did and find small donors to keep her competitive with finances to run her various campaigns.

    I am hoping that someone like Karl Rove, Dick Morris or Newt Gingrich will help her to get ready to run again, by getting her up to speed on current National and International affairs. As well as, debate/speech coaches that can help her speak without those “circular sentences” (as many have pointed out). Although, I think that this was solely due to her not having time to learn all of the relevant issues. From what I’ve seen she only talks like that when she is not confident about the issue she is being asked about. Whenever she is speaking about things like energy, things she is confident about, she doesn’t do that. The other candidates had been campaigning on these relevant National and International issues for two years and she was thrown into this with just 24 hours notice. No one can be expected to get up to speed that quickly. This was McCain’s fault, in my opinion, for not sending her some “just in case you’re the one” study material at least a month in advance. This should have been a basic function for all of his top V.P. candidate choices. The way that Governor Palin was handled was malpractice in my opinion! Anyone would need time to get familiar with the vast amount of facts that National candidates need to know. Let’s be fair, these are not typical issues for Governors. This is just one of the many, many ways in which McCain and his campaign screwed this up and Governor Palin is the one who has paid the price!

    She will need to find a consistent message that is uniquely Sarah, on domestic and foreign affairs, in order to keep herself relevant. I think that a weekly “you tube” address to her constituents in Alaska would be helpful. Although, she needs to find ways to make her conservative solutions for Alaska’s issues like education, energy, healthcare, immigration, lower taxes and a balanced budget. These will obviously be ideas that could transfer over to a National stage later. These ideas need to be based on conservative ideals but packaged so that it is evident that Governor Palin’s stamp is on them.

    She needs to be booked for events that can help keep her to stay in the national spotlight too. I was thinking about things like special needs conferences, Feminists for Life interviews, The 700 Club and other Christian magazines/T.V. shows. As well as, shows like Fox and Friends, Hannity and Colmes, Hannity’s America and Glenn Beck. Then the radio shows like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and Glenn Beck in the beginning. After she is well versed on all of the relevant current issues, then shows like The Factor with Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs.

    She needs to reinvent herself over the next few years, plus stay in the spotlight. So I would suggest all of these things plus possibly looking at changing her look like getting another hair and wardrobe change. I think that she’s perfect just the way she is but there are supporters of hers on T.V. that have suggested this and I am inclined to agree that it may be helpful in order to counteract the “Tina Fey” persona of her. This perception needs to be nipped in the bud now. She cannot continue to allow it to permeate throughout society any longer it just isn’t helpful to her image. I don’t mean pretentious but serious looking. I don’t necessarily think that the “Hillary Clinton” look is the way to go but that example is kind of where I am going with this.

    Anyway, take care fellow supporters and let’s get organized because with main stream media and other rivals out there spreading rumors and innuendos about her, we are going to need to band together if we want her to be President one day. Go Sarah!

    Michele please get this to Sarah, your petition had maxed out . So I was unable to get this to her that way. Michele could you encourage Governor Palin to create her own website. Her supporters need a way to stay in contact with her and she needs to gather up our e-mail and other contact information. This would be helpful for donations toward her various campaigns too.

    Thank you for your time,


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