More Attacks on Governor Sarah Palin – What ever happened to Honor?

Michelle Malkin » The McCain campaign’s classless cowards; Update: Palin reacts

The anonymous trashing of Sarah Palin by blabbermouth McCain aides who are leaking to Fox News is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

In case you missed it, there are some nasty folks out there trying their damndest to torpedo Gov. Sarah Palin. For what purpose, I have no clue. The election is over…isn’t it?

To make matters worse, it’s so-called Republicans behind this. If that doesn’t make you sick, I don’t know what will.

Gov. Palin is a magnificent lady who came out of nowhere and captured the hearts of many conservatives by being herself. Imagine that. A wonderfully well-rounded conservative that walks the walk of the talk she talks. Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Gov. Sarah Palin was a shot in the arm for the Republican Party during the recent elections. Unfortunately, the media and democrats painted her as an idiot barely capable of drooling on herself. I guess that is the new way to do politics in these United States now.

I find the whole thing beyond disgusting and appalling. They completely dehumanized this woman and then went after her worse than some (particular) historical figures have gone after those they have dehumanized….. We were disgusted and horrified then… why do you suppose so many people think it is okay to do the same thing to the brilliant Governor of Alaska now?

Ah, it’s a sad day when a Lady such as Sarah Palin must be dehumanized and then made a victim of a witch hunt while millions cheer on the efforts…. A sad, sad day. Could they have been any more sexist? Hate-filled? *Sighs* I hope to never see this kind of crap in our political campaigns again…

These unnamed individuals slinging mud at Gov. Palin should be called to account and made to step up and take responsibility for their accusations and insults so that the American people can tell them exactly what we think of their disgusting hatefulness and cowardice. After all, it’s Freedom of Speech for them and US. Right?



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5 responses to “More Attacks on Governor Sarah Palin – What ever happened to Honor?

  1. Mary Janson

    I totally agree with the opinion that there is entirely too much mud slinging and dehumanizing in these elections. Do women have to act like men to be accepted in politics? I thought the whole campaign for the presidential race was in bad taste. Gov. Palin deserves a sincere appology from those sources that made fun of her. She has brought new life into the republican party and I am for one, very proud she had the stamina and tenacity to not loose her cool.

  2. Steve Guthridge

    While Sarah Palin might have been drawn on to the nation stage before she was ready, I can only hope that the ramifications of 2008 election rings out to conservatives throughout the United States of America.

    Supporting moderate Republicans like John McCain and George W Bush undermines the values of the conservative movement!

    Sarah in 2012!

  3. Frank A

    We witnessed the liberal media, working for their darling democrats, execute the perfect character assassination of Sarah Palin. It makes me sick to be around otherwise smart people who just go on and on with snide remarks about a women they know nothing about. Katie and the other interviewers are perfectly capable of making anyone look bad–its like a teacher who can always give you a test you can’t pass. Doesn’t make them a good teacher and certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t a good student. Best comment I heard was something like ‘…now we know its not about women succeeding, its about liberal women succeeding that’s important to the media…’ I was fortunate to travel some distance and stand in the cold to see Gov. Palin. She is impressive and I hope she really does have a thick enough skin to stay in the game. We need smart, honest leaders who are willing to put up with all this crap, humiliation and disrespect in order to get into office. This kind of hazing is not tolerated by fraternities but its AOK if the media doesn’t like you. Hang in there Sarah. There are a lot of people out here who respect and admire you.

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  5. I just feel sorry for those people who are spreading the hate and mean spirit, Sarah Palin is a blessing to all who meet her, they are just sick souls.

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