Video – The Obama Deception

I just watched this video. I can’t say I believe everything that is said in it, but the idea that even a portion of this is true, is deeply unsettling. I’d love to hear what you think.

The Obama Deception


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One response to “Video – The Obama Deception

  1. unspy

    In the movie you see Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking over and over…. back in 1999 he wrote a book called ‘Surviving the Cataclysm’ in which warns of the worst financial crisis in human history. His second chapter bares the title: “Derivative Madness.” In short, this man not only predicted the coming collapse 10 years in advance, but he also understood the true cause. If that is not enough evidence to bring you to a firm belief what this film says is true, then NOTHING will convince you.

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